Hotel Grace Resort Manali

Hotel Grace Resort Manali is located on 2kms distance from the famous Mall Road Manali. Hotel includes all basic eminities like‐ Restaurant, Wi‐Fi, 24x7 front desk, Beautiful rooms with the charming mountains view, Room Service, Attached bathrooms and toiletries, Terrace with great view and Amazing food Quality

It is a 4 star Hotel with all essential amenities; it has more than 40 fully decorated rooms with wonderful view of Himalayan snow covered mountain ranges. Hotel Grace Resort Manali having all major amenities which should be in good 4 star Hotel like Gym, Spa, Discotheque, Open Air Garden Etc. There is a heartwarming view from all rooms of Hotel Grace Resort Manali. Hotel Grace Resort is located in “Rangri” (Rangri is the Name of the place) only on 1 Kilometer distance from Main Manali Mall Road. Rangri is on the highway Manali to Chandigarh only 1 kilometer before Mall Road Manali. Hotel Grace Resort is situated at a place which is known as a Resorts Village. Lot of Hotels, Resorts and Cottages are constructed in the “Rangri” Village. A link road leads to “Simsa Village” from beside the Hotel Grace Resort Manali. Simsa Village is on the top of Hill only 2 Kilometer from the Hotel Grace Resot Manali. Simsa Village is the last residential place on this mountain after that begins the snowy area, where the snow remains for 8 months in the year; one can see the whole Manali Valley from there. Guests get a feeling of Paradise being in Simsa Village. Lot of Guests they love to visit at Simsa Village who are staying in Hotel Grace Resort Manali. The delicious food of Hotel Grace Resort Manali makes unforgettable the stay in the resort. Management & all working staff of Hotel Grace Resort are most cooperative and supporting. That’s why the peoples choose this resort to stay and recommends to their friends and relatives.

  • Vehicle Parking
  • Wifi
  • Restaurant
  • Individual Balcony
  • 24X7 Front Desk
  • Room Service
  • Towels
  • Toiletries
  • LED TV
  • Comfirtable Interior
  • Best Rooms with amazing view
  • Spa

Package Cost with Grace Resort

Hotel Grace Resort

Simsa, Manali

INR ‐ 7,499/- PP

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  • Restaurant
  • Free wifi
  • Prime Location
  • Vehical Parking
  • LED TV with cable chanels
  • Room Service

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